About us

Hello, and welcome to Food Safety Culture SA

This initiative was launched post the devastating 2018 Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa in an attempt to create awareness of the importance of food safety culture and the urgent needs to 'GO BEYOND" food safety management systems.

Linda Jackson, one of the directors of Food Focus had started research on the concept of food safety culture during her master's studies. Teaming up with research Supervisors Professor Ryk Lues from Central University of Technology, the two headed off to Michigan State University for more training and guidance under the mentorship of Frank Yiannas, author of "Food safety culture=Behavior.

Our goal: Share our knowledge and help to influence the culture of South African food industries for the better.

How do we do this: Through our bespoke uniquely South African food safety culture assessment tool powered by Food Focus, we help you to investigate your current food safety culture and then through training programmes and support, to change this for better company performance and food safety results.

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