Food Safety Culture - The End Justifies the Means | Part 1

In the food industry there have been a number of instances that echo with the story of a swimmer fighting for his life. The question that food safety professionals have to ask is: Am I prepared to dive in?

Food Safety Culture - The End Justifies the Means (Part 2)

The food industry, like any other, is not a perfect world scenario, and parallels between the case study in Part 1 and potential risky situations in food premises equate to consequences to consumers

Shared values - the foundation for a culture of food safety

I frequently discuss the importance of having a food safety culture with operators of a variety types of companies, and they all seem to tell me the same thing: “my company has a great food safety culture."

Beyond systems and standards, lies culture

It is time to realise that we need something more than just systems and checklists to manage and improve food safety in South Africa. We need to figure out what it is we've missed, and do it!

Food Safety Culture Presentations

We were privileged to host an amazing wealth of knowledge at this year's Food Safety Culture Workshop held this year in Johannesburg. You can view some of the speakers presentations here.

Attributes of a company with a strong food safety culture

This article briefly cover the elements that Frank Yiannas considers to be the characteristics of an effective food safety culture, and more importantly, why food safety culture is so important

Restaurant Rising - Marler’s 12 Step Program

Were I the CEO of a 1,900-store restaurant chain with 45,000 employees and had just had six foodborne illness outbreaks in six months, what would I do this coming Monday morning?